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Panchakarma Treatment in Ayurveda

Panchakarma Treatment is an elite set of treatments advised in the Ayurveda, for every aspect of our body good or bad, healthy or unhealthy three life forces are responsible which is Vata Pitta and Kapha. these three forces when goes out of proportion produce many diseases starting from the common cold and cough to dreadful diseases like cancer. In the initial stage, if doshas are not very high we should try to bring them down to normalcy with the help of good diet and daily regime, if they still keep going up we should try to control them with the help of medicine, in the last stage when they go out of proportion and produces many problems (diseases)in the body we should opt for the Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatment. Five sets of treatments advised for the advance stage of Diseases. These are Vaman Panchakarma, Virechana Panchakarma, Basti Panchakarma, Nasya Panchakarma, and Raktamokshana Panchakarma, where the doshas causing diseases are taken out by appropriate route and method Panchakarma can help healing the body in three ways. Where doshas are aggravated by the improper Ahar(food) and lifestyle like hypertension, diabetes, digestive issues and so on the Second set of disease where injury is the cause of diseases like disc Prolapse, Cervical, Traumatic arthritis and so on the Third type of diseases are mainly because of age-related like Arthritis, Cataract, BPH, etc. Panchakarma can help all of the above condition by bringing doshas back to normal.

CGHS Approved Panchakarma Treatment Center, where traditional healing meets modern wellness standards. Experience the rejuvenating power of authentic Ayurvedic therapies in a safe and trusted environment. Join us on a journey towards holistic health and vitality today


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We Are CGHS Approved Panchakarma Treatment Center

CGHS stands for Central Government Health Scheme. It is a comprehensive healthcare program for central government employees and pensioners in India, as well as their dependents. CGHS provides medical facilities through wellness centers, dispensaries, and empaneled hospitals across various cities in India.

  • Central Government Employees:,
  • Pensioners:
  • Members of Parliament
  • Ex-Governors and Lieutenant Governors
  • Ex-Vice Presidents, Ex-Speakers, and Ex-Judges:
  • Freedom Fighters
  1. Outpatient Treatment (OPD):

    • Consultations with specialists and general physicians at CGHS dispensaries and wellness centers.
    • Diagnostic tests such as blood tests, X-rays, ECG, etc., as prescribed by CGHS doctors.
    • Prescription medicines and medical supplies from CGHS dispensaries.

  2. Inpatient Treatment (IPD):

    • Coverage for hospitalization expenses in empaneled private hospitals or CGHS empaneled government hospitals.
    • Room charges, nursing care, ICU/ICCU charges, operation theatre charges, anesthesia, surgical procedures, and other related medical services.
    • Pre and post-hospitalization expenses as per CGHS rules.

  3. Specialist Consultations:

    • Access to specialist doctors across various disciplines such as cardiology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, dermatology, etc., as per medical requirements.

  4. Diagnostic Services:

    • Coverage for a wide range of diagnostic tests including laboratory investigations, imaging services (X-rays, ultrasound, CT scans, MRI scans), and other diagnostic procedures.

  5. Medications and Medical Supplies:

    • Supply of prescribed medicines, both generic and branded, through CGHS dispensaries.
    • Availability of medical supplies such as surgical dressings, hearing aids, prosthetic devices, etc., as per CGHS guidelines.

  6. Emergency Medical Services:

    • Coverage for emergency medical treatment including ambulance services, emergency room care, and critical care services.

  7. Wellness Programs:

    • Health promotion and wellness activities organized by CGHS, including health camps, awareness programs, and preventive healthcare initiatives.

  8. Cashless Treatment:

    • Cashless treatment facility available at empaneled hospitals, where beneficiaries do not need to pay upfront for covered medical services (subject to CGHS guidelines and limits).

  9. Referral Services:

    • Referral services for specialized treatment or procedures not available at CGHS dispensaries, enabling beneficiaries to access higher-level healthcare facilities.

  10. Teleconsultation Services:

    • CGHS also offers teleconsultation services, allowing beneficiaries to consult doctors remotely for non-emergency medical issues.

You can CGHS book appointment online or on call :  9555326299

After providing treatment/diagnosis, the HCOs submit the medical claims to the Bill Clearing Agency (BCA), which scrutinizes the bills and forwards to the CGHS for final approval. Thereafter, CGHS scrutinizes 10 per cent of bills upto ₹ 10,000, 25 per cent of bills upto ₹ 25,000 and 100 per cent bills above ₹ 25,000.


I have consulted Dr. Neeraj Jaiswal on many occasions. I have found his "NADI" diagnosis technique very correct. The Panchakarma treatment have given me the desired relief. Dr. Neeraj Jaiswal is my first choice in case of any Physical ailment.
Rajkumar Bhatara
A centre where we get holistic treatment for all our concerns from a very dynamic Doctor and trained therapists ... We get expert guidance for preventive as well as curative treatments Dr Neeraj is a very experienced Doctor with deep knowledge of original Ayurveda combined with modern understanding of Allopathy.
Savita Bhutani
I have consulted Dr. Neeraj Jaiswal on many occasions. I have found his "NADI" diagnosis technique very correct. The Panchakarma treatment have given me the desired relief. Dr. Neeraj Jaiswal is my first choice in case of any Physical ailment.
Preeti Srivastava
I have been visiting the centre for many years now and dr.Neeraj and his staff is very kind & give personal attention during the therapy sessions. I would recommend all to go and get the treatment for good health and personal well being.
K.K. Ahuja
I was a patient of fatty liver, PCOS, and debris in gall bladder. Dr. Neeraj Jaswal, at the Panchakarma Centre in Rajinder Nagar, suggested that I take the Virechana treatment. This treatment, along with his medicines and the prescribed diet helped me recover from my illness in a record time of five months. The therapists and the doctor's aides were always there to help me when needed, given that I was out of station patient. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience at your Panchakarma Centre.
I know Dr. Neeraj from last 2 years,his diagnoses are too correct and his advices not only cure u but also helps in building gud health.His counselling sessions even so gud to motivate anyone.
Aditya Kanwar


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