Virechana Panchkarma Treatment

Virechana Treatment is yet another very important karma among the Panchakarma (five detoxes) procedure in Ayurveda. Among the three life forces (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) Virechana Treatment mainly affects the Pitta dosha. Pitta is very important doshas of our body and responsible for many biological function of the body starting from digestion to metabolism, intellect to eyesight to immune system it has role in almost all the important functions of the body as it also represents fire in our body, which is said to be the life force of our body and Acharays has advised everyone to protect this fire to stay alive. Any disease caused by the pitta is very aggressive in nature and might cause a threat to life so according to the ayurvedic treatise, it is advisable to treat pitta first and then the rest of the doshas may be taken care thereafter.

Procedure :-

Virechana Panchkarma Treatment in total may range from the 7 days detox program to 10 days program, it is mainly devided into three parts for a better understanding of it.

  1. Snehpana (administration of the medicine)
  2. Abhyanga and Sweden (external massaging and steaming)
  3. Virechana Treatment day (last day comprising of the purgation)
  1. Snehpana :-
    This stage of the detox lasts for the 3 to 7 days depending upon the patient. In this stage progressive increase in the medicine (medicated clarified butter) every day in dawn given starting from anywhere 30 ml and can go up to the 250 ml depending upon the digestion and physician observation of the patient and disease.

Timing is very important as it has to be the first half of the day

  1. Abhyangam :-
  2. This is the second stage of the Virechana Panchkarma where the patient is off medication and now oleation is done from the outside i.e. abhyanga (an ayurvedic herbal massage) followed by the medicated steam. The whole process will take 1 hour and in total this whole stage will take 3 days .followed by virechana day.
  1. Virechana day :-
    The last day of the Abhyangam Treatment i.e. 3rd day of the second stage will be followed by medication in the first half of the day followed by hot water intake some medicated decoction in order to clean the body and gut prepared in last 7 days.

Diet :-

Diet specially designed for this process during and after will be given by the dietician with do’s and don’t .

Indication :-

  • Detoxification of the whole body
  • Problems related to abdomen and intestines like celiac disease, gluten intolerance, etc
  • Autoimmune disorders involving pita-like psoriasis, SLE, uveitis, rheumatoid arthritis,
  • Hyperacidity
  • Weight gain (obesity)
  • Low metabolism
  • High inflammation in any part of the body
  • Diseases related to liver and pancreas and gall bladder
  • Skin problems like dermatitis psoriasis eczema etc
  • High cholesterol

Doshas involvement :-

Pitta, Vataj, and Kaphaj problems having the involvement of Pitta