Janu Basti Panchkarma Treatment

Yet another wonderful allied Panchakarma Treatment called as Janu Basti will be explained here. As the name itself suggest Janu means knee and Basti mean pooling, so this therapy is specially designed for the knee joint and its related problems. In certain conditions taking a lot of oral medication gets tuff as well as it takes lot of time to cure that part. Ayurveda suggests a fast and easy method of applying medicine to the affected area it is called Janu Basti treatment. Janu Basti Panchakarma is an oil pooling therapy mainly done in musculo-skeleton problems of the knee joint, it is unparalleled to any other method applied to heal and relieve pain in joints like cervical, lumbar or knee joints. Medicated oil used in this therapy posses medicinal effects and being a part of swedana not only it gives the lightness, reduces local inflammation and reduces pain but also helps to heal old aches and pain like ACL tear (anterior cruciate ligament tear) PCL tear (posterior cruciate ligament).

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In Ayurveda main reason for osteoarthritis is Vata aggravation and which in turn can cause the dryness of the joints (decreased synovial fluid) as the joints looses the greasiness of the joints they start to wear and tear resulting in arthritis of that joints. Ayurveda suggests that medicated oil is the best source to mitigate Vata and if the problem is local as arthritis we can apply medicated oil directly on the joint for the fast recovery which is done by means of Janu Basti Panchkarma.


The patient is taken to the treatment room made comfortable and relaxed. Area suppose to undergo treatment made bare. Mantra chanting is done. a ring is to be prepared with the help of moong dal and wheat flour this ring has to be put on the affected area and pasted well to avoid any leakage. Once it is done lukewarm oil ranging from 35 to 45 Celsius is poured .to maintain the temperature of the oil it will be replaced periodically. This process is done for 40 min. paste will be removed and area will be wiped out. Bathing of the area is not recommended in case of extreme cold it is advisable to put the crepe bandage over it and keep it for 3 hours.

Heat applied in the form of warm medicated oil helps to reduce the inflammation and swelling thus reducing the pressure over the nerve ending resulting in a reduction in pain. Herbs specially prescribed for the problems shows its medicinal values and help to heal faster.

Indication :-

  • Osteo arthritis ,
  • ACL tear (anterior cruciate ligament)
  • PCL tear (poster cruciate ligament )
  • Osteophyte formation
  • Muscle sprain around joint
  • Certain conditions of joint effusion

Time :-

45 min