Abhyangam Panchkarma Treatment

Abhyangam is a form of Ayurvedic holistic healing massage therapy that involves massage of the body with large amounts of warm oil (pre-medicated with herbs for specific conditions and well being).

How Does Abhyangam Work

Ayurveda explains that the herbal medicinal content of the oils enters through the pours of the skin, becomes available to the absorption at the srotas (end part of the blood vessels) and gets absorbed into the blood, reach the targeted area and exhibits its action.

If applied directly over the affected area the action can be achieved much quicker, this appears to be the logic behind the extensive use of massage as an affective ayurvedic therapy in a number of diseases . in fact even during much panchakarma treatment, Abhyangam Panchkarma is used as a part of the preparation of the patient.

The whole process will be followed by the steam process for 10 min which will increase the absorption as well as it will relax your body and mind deeply.


Benefits of Abhyangam Choice of oils
Improves blood circulation Narayan tail
Relieves muscles’ swelling and stiffness ksheerabala
Promotes deep nerve relaxation & sound sleep kottamchukkadi
Improves flow of energy Ayurveda aroma oils
Removes toxins from joints & tissues sahacharadi tail
Slow aging process Bala ashwagandha oil
Regulates sleep pattern

Duration :-

45 mins + 10 min

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