Marma Panchakarma Treatment

Marma are the energy point in our body according to Ayurveda they are the seat of prana (vitality), they are the points so powerful that any sort of injury to these point may cause some sort of deformity, extreme pain  or even death some times .

They are 108 in numbers and spread all over the body .they are the vital points so effective that aligning these point by gentle touch and energy may elevate your energy level so high  that you can reach the peak productivity in every aspect of your life as well as they can also help to combat illness be it mental or physical .

Procedure :-

Patient is taken to the therapy room made comfortable, made to lie down on the bed specially design  for the marma . Mantra chanting will be done, once patient is relaxed patient is ask to close his eyes , therapy will start with the head part  first with sasra chakra and then descending down to energy points spread all over the body . Generally  patient goes into the deep bliss and stay  in that state for rest of the procedure though on the first session while patient need to relax without expecting  any  touch or the movements , this experience will be deepened on subsequent sittings as  the body will start to feeling light .

Indication :-

  • Low energy
  • Mental or physical fatigue
  • Disturb emotions
  • Pains and aches in the body
  • State of delusion(not able to think clearly)
  • Cervical
  • Low back pain
  • Bed ridden patients
  • Comatose patients

Time :-

45 min