Shirodhara Panchkarma Treatment

Shirodhara is one among the widely popular and advised allied panchakarma treatments in Ayurveda. Though it is not among the main panchkarma and comes under allied panchakarma it is a highly effective treatment for many disorders related to the nervous system, head, scalp, and endocrinological problem. It is very popular in India and abroad because of its safety and efficacy, though Ayurvedic doctors advise according to disease and medicine used is very important to increase its efficacy manifold.


As the name suggests it is pouring of liquids in the form of the stream (Dhara)in a very gentle and relaxing manner over the head (Shira, hence- Shiro + Dhara ) in order to achieve the relaxed state of awareness which in turn will give dynamic psychosomatic balance. The patient is taken to the therapy room and made to relax mentally and physically. chanting of the mantra will be done by the therapist.

Cotton will be kept over the eyes and ears and a nice band of cloth will be rapped over the forehead in order to avoid dripping of medicated oil into eyes and ears. The patient is advised to lie down and relax as the therapist will give a gentle head massage now a gentle stream of oil will start trickling over the forehead of the patient certain patterns with the stream will be done by the therapist In order to make it more relaxing and effective. This whole procedure will be carried out for 45 min. as the patient reaches to that tranquil state of mind as in meditation it is always advisable to call the patient name gently and give him time so that he can be aware of his surroundings. Cotton will be removed and the patient will be advised to keep that oil for 2 hours though excess oil may be wiped out to avoid any discomfort.

Who can  take shirodhara :-

  • Anyone seeking to improve physical and mental health can go for this holistic treatment, it rejuvenates your body and mind. still, people suffering from certain disorders get an amazing result with this age-old Ayurveda treatment on the advice of an ayurvedic doctor.
  • Stress, headaches, Insomnia (lack of sleep), depression, restlessness
  • Endocrine problems (hormonal disturbances)
  • Hair fall, hair thinning, graying of hairs, dryness of hairs, dandruff, dry scalp,
  • Eye problems, bleeding through the nose, diabetic retinopathy, hypertensive retinopathy, uveitis, etc
  • Burning sensation in body and head
  • It also improves spiritual awakening and increases intuition.


45 min

Certain diets and instruction will be given during the treatment kindly follow them to get the optimum results