Udwartnam (Herbal Powder Massage)

In this topic, we will deal with yet another para panchakarma treatment i.e. Udwartnam (herbal powder massage). It is again very popular, effective and safe Ayurveda Panchkarma Treatment nowadays very popular in big cities for weight reduction or body toning. This procedure is really effective in old stubborn fat known as cellulite but apart from the cosmetic effect it is also highly effective in treatment purpose as Udwartnam is dry herbal massage meant to dissolve Kapha in the body and open up the channels in the body for the better action of the medicine or in certain conditions like filariasis (elephantiasis ) it acts as a wonderful treatment along with other medication and panchakarma therapies, and not to forget choice of medicine is extremely important in case of therapeutic value as well as for weight loss, so should be done strictly under the guidance of Ayurvedic doctor.


The patient is taken to the treatment room made relaxed and comfortable. Mantra chanting will be done. The powder will be made lukewarm. Now here either we can go for the oil application or without it or we can add oil to the powder now this whole thing depends upon the ayurvedic doctor and condition of the patient, the choice of medicine will also differ according to the disease and Prakariti of the patient. Now with dry herbal powder, rhythmic massage will be done for 1 hour. The patient will be wiped out and may opt for the bath.


  • Weight loss
  • Skin toning 
  • Cellulite treatment  
  • Kaphaj disorders 
  • Rukhshan before snahana 
  • Filariasis 
  • Metabolic disorders like diabetes mellitus 
  • Pcos 
  • Post pregnancy weight loss and flabbiness


1  hour