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Do you have painful neck and shoulders? Are you tired of being in pain all the time? Have you tried various medications and yet the pain never stops? You could be experiencing cervical spondylosis, a condition that affects the cervical vertebrae resulting in pain in the back and neck. Through ayurvedic treatments, we can help you manage this and remove it from its very root

Before we get into further details, what exactly is Cervical Spondylosis?

Cervical Spondylosis is one type of arthritis that induces growth in the spine affecting the cervical vertebrae. It results in acute pain in the back of the neck and vertigo while bending downwards. This leads to degenerative changes in the cervical vertebrae, damaging the bones. When coupled with physical trauma like accidents, injuries, or incorrect posture while sitting all day, sleeping leads to the development of Cervical Spondylosis. There might also be sensory loss, tingling, and numbness in the upper limbs. In Ayurveda, it is known as Grivasandhigatvata. Here are the common symptoms you need to look out for:

  • Pain in the neck and shoulders
  • Neck stiffness
  • Headaches
  • Numb or tingling arms

With our traditional ayurvedic solutions, we can help you deal with and treat Sciatica from its very root.

Catchphrase- One diagnosis can save you years of discomfort!

Why Choose Panchkarma Ayurvedic Treatment for Cervical Spondylosis?

Targets the Root Cause:

Ayurveda addresses the root cause of Cervical Spondylosis. We begin with a full-body detox for the medicines to work effectively towards treating the core reason of the disease. We start from scratch while managing symptoms, heading towards sustainable healing.

A lifestyle change, for the better:

Your diet and lifestyle play an imperative role in complementing the effectiveness of the medication. They enhance and sustain the benefits of treatment after the medicine course has been completed. Our treatment uses a 360-degree holistic approach that also focuses on diet & lifestyle.

Sustainable Healing; Reduced Side-effects:

The untreated underlying core cause of Cervical Spondylosis can cause severe health complications in the long run. Ayurveda not only enhances healing but also sustains it, leaving patients with reduced risks of complications and side effects in the future.

Understand How We Treat Cervical Spondylosis at Panchkarma:

Based on our Diagnosis, we customise treatment plans that target core trouble areas that instigate Cervical Spondylosis


In the initial stage, there are osteophytes in the spine. Due to this, the pain is restricted only to the cervical region of the spine. The aggravated vatadosha is the root cause of the acute pains. The treatment we provide at Panchkarma focuses on balancing the dosha, while relaxing the muscles of the affected area. Our treatments include local massage and sudation therapies. As per your fitness level and comfort, we prescribe exercise and yoga poses. These activities ease the pain and strengthen the muscles. Our treatment also includes remedies regarding diet, and lifestyle for enhanced metabolism which reduces pain and discomfort due to the presence of osteophytes.


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