Minus the Sinus! Breath better with Ayurveda

Is your common cold, too familiar? Is your nose always blocked, are you always sneezing and having headaches? Your doctor has diagnosed the sinusitis, and you’re on months of medication, but you aren’t able to get rid of this discomfort. We understand how frustrating it must be, so we’re here to save the day!

But what is Sinusitis in the first place?

It is known as Pinas in Ayurveda. A condition in which the sinuses are blocked with mucus and become inflamed. It is caused due to imbalance in the natural state of doshas. Impaired Kapha (Water) accumulates in the sinuses, thus blocking the flow of Vata (Air). Impaired Pitta (Fire) causes swelling and irritation of the tissues of the sinuses. Major factors contributing to this impairment are increased consumption of heavy, indigestible, dry, oily, spicy, or extremely hot or cold food, suppressing natural urges of tears and vomiting, exposure to cold, dusty or dry weather, staying up late, and sleeping during the day.  

Asthma patients and people suffering from cold and other viral infections are prone to Sinusitis. It can affect people of distinct ages and gender. It causes long-term discomfort, difficulty in breathing, and long-lasting cold and cough episodes. A few of the major symptoms you need to look out for are:

  • Blocked Nose
  • Stuffiness
  • Long lasting headaches
  • A feeling of heaviness
  • Constant cold

With our traditional ayurvedic solutions, we can help you deal with and treat Sinusitis from it’s very root.

Catchphrase- One diagnosis can save you years of discomfort!

Why Choose Panchkarma Ayurvedic Treatment for Sinusitis?

Targets the Root Cause:

Ayurveda addresses the root cause of Sinusitis. We begin with a full-body detox for the medicines to work effectively towards treating the core reason of the disease. We start from scratch while managing symptoms, heading towards sustainable healing.

A lifestyle change, for the better:

Your diet and lifestyle play an imperative role in complementing the effectiveness of the medication. They enhance and sustain the benefits of treatment after the medicine course has been completed. Our treatment uses a 360-degree holistic approach that also focuses on diet & lifestyle.

Sustainable Healing; Reduced Side-effects:

The untreated underlying core cause of Sinus can cause severe health complications in the long run. Ayurveda not only enhances healing but also sustains it, leaving patients with reduced risks of complications and side effects in the future.

Understand How We Treat Sinusitis at Panchkarma:

Based on our Diagnosis, we customise treatment plans that target core trouble areas that instigate Sinusitis


Identifying and balancing the aggravated dosha whilst cleansing the sinuses is the preferred route toward treating acute sinusitis. Panchkarma’s Nasya therapy is beneficial in relieving major symptoms and discomfort. Steam inhalation is recommended to strengthen the pranavahasrotas.


For chronic sinusitis, we focus on boosting immunity, cleansing ama, and balancing the metabolism with Panchakarma therapies. With our customised and highly effective herbal medicines, the Pranavahasrotais are strengthened. A holistic change in diet, lifestyle, and consistent Panchakarma therapies will lead to sustainable results.

Reccurant/ Allergic:

When the disorder becomes chronic, causing long-term health deterioration, our Panchkarma Ayurvedic treatment targets areas that reduce sensitivity towards the triggers whilst enhancing immunity and cleansing toxins from the nasal canal. Our therapies along with a herbal medication course will help get rid of Sinusitis from its very root


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