Say goodbye to Migraine, with our Ayurvedic Solutions!

Treating Migraine with Ayurveda:

Having a Migraine attack is extremely daunting. The shooting pain, the sensitivity, and the irritability flick your mood to rock bottom. What do you do then? You pop a pill, hoping the pain to subside until it hits you again next time. Suppressing migraine pain through NSAIDS and other methods gives short-term relief. The pain can always rebound. Increasing dependency on medication reduces the natural pain tolerance and relief mechanism of the body. It can damage kidneys, liver, or other vital organs in the long run. This vicious cycle of attack and instant relief will cause a long-term health deterioration with no ultimate solution to your Migraine. In order to get to the root cause of the problem, we need to understand what causes Migraine in the first place.

Migraine is caused by the Vata lodging pain in the nervous system of the brain. External stimuli such as excessive noise, light, and stress are also contributing factors to intense migraine attacks. In addition to this, a weak digestion system increases ama in the body preventing smooth blood circulation and causing Migraine.

Our Ayurvedic treatment at Panchkarma is targeted at these root causes within your body, that instigate these attacks. We personalise your treatment plan that includes a comprehensive combination of medicines, diet, and lifestyle approaches. Targeting these fundamental stimulators, treats migraine from its very root, saving you from all the future discomfort. 

Catchphrase- One diagnosis can save you from a lot of pain! Here are the symptoms you need to look out for

  • Shooting Pain

  • Light, Sound, and Fragrance sensitivity

  • Dizziness and Nausea

  • Irritation and Fatigue

Why Choose Panchkarma Ayurvedic Treatment for Migraine?

Targets the Root Cause:

Ayurveda addresses the root cause of migraine. We begin with a full-body detox for the medicines to work effectively towards treating the core reason of the disease. We start from scratch while managing symptoms, heading towards sustainable healing.

A lifestyle change, for the better:

Your diet and lifestyle play an imperative role in complementing the effectiveness of the medication. They enhance and sustain the benefits of treatment after the medicine course has been completed. Our treatment uses a 360-degree holistic approach that also focuses on diet & lifestyle.

Sustainable Healing; Reduced Side-effects:

The untreated underlying core cause of migraine can cause severe health complications in the long run. Ayurveda not only enhances healing but also sustains it, leaving patients with reduced risks of complications and side effects in the future.

Understand How We Treat Migraine at Panchkarma:

Based on our Diagnosis, we customise treatment plans that target core trouble areas that stimulate Migraine attacks

Disturbed Digestion: 

Weak digestion that causes Migraine is treated through a specialised plan that focuses on strengthening the Agni (digestive fire). Through this, a balance is created between the Dhosas. Our plan helps in boosting metabolism, nourishing the mind, and cleansing the body. Our Nasya therapy is helpful in clearing the nasal channels from toxins and relaxing the mind. It is necessary to be consistent in following the recommended diet, for good results. Hence we share customised plans and encourage timely follow-ups.

Stress and Mental Health:

Panchkarma doctors provide a customised treatment plan to reduce stress, that causes Migraine and minimize the effect of Stress on the ManovahaStrota. Panchakarma therapies nourish the mind and rejuvenate nerve ends, that keep your mental health in check, making you feel good from the inside.

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