Prakriti means every individual’s unique identity. It is a constitution that separates one person from the other in terms of physical and mental health. The constitution determined at the birth of every person depends on several factors such as family history, appearance, personality, habits, food choices, etc. It also depends on genetics. The reason behind this specific constitution is the panch mahabhutas, doshas, and trigunas. Every person has predetermined panch mahabhutas (air, fire, water, ether, and earth), doshas (Vata, pitta, Kapha), and trigunas (satva, rajas, and tapas) at the time of birth which decide their Prakriti. Once this constitution is set, it is permanent.

It is imperative that a person has a well-balanced Prakriti. It plays an important role in managing the diet and lifestyle of individuals. The constitution of a person holds a strong place in the Dashavidhapariksha or ten-fold investigation methods described in Ayurveda, that are used to diagnose diseases and devise the right kind of medicines, whilst prescribing the perfect diet regimes to patients. Our team of experts assesses an individual’s health by understanding the overall Prakriti of the person. Then the Vaidya (physician) prescribes a particular medicine and also recommends a certain dietary regimen and exercises which will help in the overall maintenance and improvement of Prakriti. 

The main reason to maintain one’s Prakriti is that it directly affects the overall health and life expectancy of the individual. There is a change in Prakriti due to mental or physical hardships or imbalance in the tridoshas. These changes in Prakriti are the causes of numerous diseases. For instance, a person with pitta Prakriti is prone to stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, and skin diseases. A Vata Prakriti person is prone to backache, joint pain, and crackling of joints. A person with Kapha Prakriti is prone to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease

With Panchkarma treatment, we bring to you a team of experts in Ayurveda that will assess and prescribe natural ways of treating an imbalanced Prakriti as well as maintaining the sam

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